About Our Company:

Rx Integrative Solutions Inc in Loveland, Ohio was founded in 2000 and incorporated in 2005. The company became a member of BBB Cincinnati in 2010 and was awarded BBB Accreditation in 2011.

Midway through 2022 marks our 22nd year of Traditional, Complementary, and Integrative Health and Medicine in-person cognitive services for the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Greater Dayton, and Vero Beach, Florida communities.  In this same year, our company expanded into Functional Medicine and telehealth/virtual wellness consultation services via Zoom for our out-of-town clients.

The company offers individual Integrative Health and Wellness consultations, Functional Medicine consultations, fitness nutrition and health coaching packages (in-person or via Zoom). Professional services include an evaluation of our clients’ medications, dietary supplements, nutrition (for drug/supplement, supplement/nutrition interactions and side effects), laboratory test results, and of any mind body & spiritual life choices related to their health goals.  An effort is made to uncover and address the root cause of clients’ symptoms.  Written health recommendations are given to our clients, and each is encouraged to review and discuss information with her/his physician for optimal patient care, safety, and medical guidance.

Health benefits and cost savings via Integrative Health and Wellness/Functional Medicine practices can be realized throughout our health care system by utilizing key strategies based on our client’s health goals:

•                      Integrative lifestyle change programs for those with chronic diseases

•                      Integrative preventive strategies to support wellness in all populations

For more information regarding ongoing Integrative Health and Medicine research, visit www.nccih.nih.gov National Institute of Health National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health or National Institute of Health U. S. National Library of Medicine @ www.clinicaltrials.gov.

Rx Integrative Solutions is a proud member of the Montgomery Chamber of Commerce, Montgomery OH and an Accredited Better Business Bureau of Cincinnati member with an A+ rating for many years.

The company’s volunteer efforts and charitable support are directed to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Loveland L.I.F.E. Food Pantry, Loveland SNAP Program, St Vincent de Paul Pharmacy Cincinnati, and Cincinnati Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

About Our Founder:

Rx Integrative Solutions in ChinaDr. Cathy Rosenbaum is an evidence-based, holistic clinical pharmacist with administrative and practice experience in Integrative Health and Wellness at the TriHealth Integrative Health & Medicine Center in Cincinnati, in hospital clinical pharmacy (multiple locations), as the system-level TriHealth Pharmacy Medication Quality Assurance & Safety Manager, as Adjunct Professor College of Pharmacy University of Cincinnati, and in pharmaceutical industry at P&G OTC Medical Affairs.  She has traveled to China to learn more about international culture, research in herbs, vitamins, and other dietary supplements, body, mind, spirit health, and natural healing practices.  She received her B.S. in Pharmacy from Ohio Northern University, her PharmD from the University of Cincinnati, her MBA from Xavier University in Cincinnati, and is a trusted member of the Traditional, Complementary, and Integrative Health and Wellness community in the greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Dayton areas. She teaches in several OLLI senior learning programs within Cincinnati, and Tampa, Naples and Vero Beach, Florida, and the University of Dayton, and has precepted PharmD students the University of Cincinnati College of Pharmacy and the Oregon State University College of Pharmacy.

For over sixteen years Dr. Rosenbaum has hosted her radio show, Your Holistic Health, on WMKV Maple Knoll Village 89.3 FM and www.faithandfriendsradio.com, and has been interviewed on multiple radio (WMKV, WVXU, WAIF) and TV shows around the country.  The show is currently broadcast on the Cincinnati Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired WRRS channel. Podcasts are available on https://rxintegrativesolutions.com under ‘Radio Show’ and on the CABVI website @ www.cincyblind.org.

She is a member of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine.

Dr. Rosenbaum is a Certified Health Coach available for one-on-one coaching (e.g., six-session packages focused on weight loss, sleep health, or stress management), health and wellness consultations, keynote addresses, and group/corporate seminars or workshops upon request.

She is a Certified Dementia Practitioner who provides stress management and general health coaching packages for caregivers, family members (six sessions every two weeks over three months minimum).

Dr. Rosenbaum is a N.E.S.T.A. Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach, providing one-on-one weight loss and fitness nutrition optimization sessions tailored to individual health and athletic goals and needs.  She is a member of the Functional Medicine Pharmacists Alliance and serves the community as an Integrative Health and Wellness and Functional Medicine practitioner.  See www.fmpha.org for more information.





In November 2019, Dr. Rosenbaum added Tai Chi Easy Practice Leader to her credentials. Ongoing Yang style Tai Chi Easy classes are available at the Miami Township Civic Center in Milford, OH.









On April 28, 2006, Dr. Rosenbaum completed all the requirements for the TriHealth Ministry Education Program offered by Bethesda Pastoral Care, 10500 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH.  On July 23, 2020, Dr. Rosenbaum became an Ordained Minister as a member of the Universal Life Church and serves as a wedding officiant. From 1984 – present and from 2002-2003 she served as the liturgical organist and Mission Board Chair, respectively, for Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Kettering, OH.




Our 2024 Professional Ethics Advisory Board Members

Amy Wilcox has a Master of Science in Civil Engineering. She designed and produced construction documents for municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment facilities and pump stations for Woolpert Inc, as an Environmental Engineer.  She is currently working as an Environmental Specialist for the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, Division of Surface Water.  She brings years of teaching experience to the team.  She has successfully homeschooled both of her two children.  The University of Toledo Women’s Commission presented her the University of Toledo Outstanding Woman Award in 1990.



Annie K T. Warner Esq, owner and principal of Warner Law Group LLC in Cincinnati, is an attorney specializing in special needs planning; elder law, Medicaid planning, and small business matters.


Jennifer Flack RN works in a Health System Quality Department and is a former Telemetry RN in Cincinnati.





Dennis J. Riedmiller, CBC is President and CEO of Riedmiller & Associates, Inc., a Cincinnati based Employee Benefits Consulting firm since 1995.  His thirty-six-year sales, marketing and management career tenure includes work with major insurance companies, including Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield, The Equitable, Choice Care/Humana, and United Healthcare of Ohio.  He is General Agent for 1-800MD, LLC., one of the largest telemedicine corporations promoting easy access to Board-Certified physicians for emergent care needs nationwide.  Riedmiller is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a degree in Education.




Jane Browe is the owner of Noumea Strategic Solutions, a firm focused on developing new markets for its clients. Jane and the team of Noumea Strategic Solutions serve multiple industries with emphasis on health and wellness, and particular focus on the needs of health and wellness at home for both patients and caregivers.

With a foundation in classical sales and marketing experience, Jane has developed her career with leadership responsibilities spanning a variety of industries, such as Healthcare, Consumer Goods, Agriculture/Produce, Manufacturing and Non-Profits, among others. She has held leadership positions with organizations of all sizes from entrepreneurial start-ups to mid-size privately owned firms to Fortune 500 companies including Procter & Gamble, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Hillenbrand Industries, leading cross-functional, and at times, international teams in growth and development initiatives.

Jane is a graduate of Miami University in Oxford, OH where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Economics and her Masters in Communications degrees. She holds a certificate from the Center for Creative Leadership in Foundations of Leadership.






Our Company Mission is to form exceptional client/physician/integrative health practitioner teams that provide and experience optimal integrative health and medicine care. This is achieved by supporting conservative prescribing and the long-term value of practicing mind body spirit wellness compatible with our clients’ whole-person health goals & lifestyle choices.

Our Company Vision is to delight and teach each client during every wellness consultation to learn how to:

  • safely use medications/dietary supplements for better health
  • feel better through whole food nutrition
  • develop a healthier whole person lifestyle
  • save money

This vision is routinely measured through post-consultation patient satisfaction surveys and testimonials.  They indicate we are providing an exceptionally honest, evidence-based integrative health education, and providing tender-hearted empathy and compassion through the use of our motivational interviewing and listening skills.

Our Company Values

* We commit to integrity and respectful clinical decision-making, ethical communication, and actions with our clients, suppliers, contractors, integrative health practitioners, and other healthcare professionals regardless of their age, gender, sexual preference, race, preferred learning style, or lifestyle choices.

* Our clients are accountable to themselves, their primary care physicians, and God for the consequences of their health decisions.

* Our clients’ whole-person health success can be evidenced by purposeful and productive family, corporate relationships, health resource stewardship, and sacrificial community service in giving thanks for their blessings.

Code of Ethics for Pharmacists

Pharmacists are health professionals who assist individuals in making the best use of medications. This Code, prepared and supported by pharmacists, is intended to state publicly the principles that form the fundamental basis of the roles and responsibilities of pharmacists. These principles, based on moral obligations and virtues, are established to guide pharmacists in relationships with patients, health care professionals, and society.

1. A pharmacist respects the covenantal relationship between the patient and pharmacist. Considering the patient-pharmacist relationship as a covenant means that a pharmacist has moral obligations in response to the gift of trust received form society. In return for this gift, a pharmacist promises to help individuals achieve optimum benefit from their medications, to be committed to their welfare, and to maintain their trust.

2. A pharmacist promotes the good of every patient in a caring, compassionate, and confidential manner. A pharmacist places concern for the well-being of the patient at the center of professional practice. In doing so, a pharmacist considers needs stated by the patient as well as those defined by health science. A pharmacist is dedicated to protecting the dignity of the patient. With a caring attitude and a compassionate spirit, a pharmacist focuses on serving the patient in a private and confidential manner.

3. A pharmacist respects the autonomy and dignity of each patient. A pharmacist promotes the right of self-determination and recognizes individual self-worth by encouraging patients to participate in decisions about their health. A pharmacist communicates with patients in terms that are understandable. In all cases, a pharmacist respects personal and cultural differences among patients.

4. A pharmacist acts with honesty and integrity in professional relationships. A pharmacist has a duty to tell the truth and to act with conviction of conscience. A pharmacist avoids discriminatory practices, behavior or work conditions that impair professional judgment, and actions that compromise dedication to the best interests of patients.
5. A pharmacist maintains professional competence. A pharmacist has a duty to maintain knowledge and abilities as new medications, devices, and technologies become available and as health information advances.

6. A pharmacist respects the values and abilities of colleagues and other health professionals. When appropriate, a pharmacist asks for consultation of colleagues or other health professionals or refers the patient. A pharmacist acknowledges that colleagues and other health professionals may differ in the beliefs and values they apply to the care of the patient.

7. A pharmacist serves individual, community, and societal needs. The primary obligation of a pharmacist is to individual patients. However, the obligations of a pharmacist may at times extend beyond the individual to the community and society. In these situations, the pharmacist recognizes the responsibilities that accompany these obligations and acts accordingly.

8. A pharmacist seeks justice in the distribution of health resources. When health resources are allocated, a pharmacist is fair and equitable, balancing the needs of patients and society.

Reviewed by Council on Pharmacy Practice in 2012. Copyright American Pharmacists Association 1994. Endorsed by American Society of Health System Pharmacists 1996.